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Local Business Spotlight - California Tan

Monday Nov 30th, 2020


California Tan – Local Business Spotlight You don’t get more local than California Tan. They have been in business for 37 years and are the 2nd oldest business in Willow Park Village. The owner, Chris has been with California Tan for 20 years, starting as a bed cleaner when he was 16. When he was 16, he never dreamed of being the owner, he never would have pegged himself as the golden employee. Flash forward 10 years and the opportunity to buy into the partnership presented... [read more]

Miracle Agent

Monday Nov 23rd, 2020


The Children’s Miracle Network Miracle History Since 1983 the Children’s Miracle Network® has been dedicated to supporting children’s hospitals across North America. It started as a televised fundraiser and has grown into a North American-wide program that supports 170 (The Cause, 2020) hospitals. The Children’s Miracle Network® raises funds and awareness for 14 (The Cause, 2020) Canadian hospitals. Canada’s Children’s Hospital... [read more]

Getting to Know the Real Bobbie Lynn Bolig

Monday Nov 16th, 2020


Getting to Know the Real Bobbie Lynn Bolig     I thought if I was going to start this blogging thing that it would be only fair if I made a blog post about myself. This will be the one and only, in detail. (Definitely not in my comfort zone). I am one of those people that knows a ton of people but there is only a handful of people that know the true, raw, and real Bobbie Lynn. To a lot of people, I seem like an open book because I’m blunt, honest, and say... [read more]

Local Business Spotlight - Foothills Helicopter Training Academy

Monday Nov 2nd, 2020

Foothills Helicopter Training Academy

Have you ever dreamed of flying a helicopter? I know I have, and a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking out my friend Jacki's helicopter hangar. It was mind-blowing, to say the least.   Foothills Helicopter Training Academy offers industry-led, real-world commercial pilot training and Jacki is an amazing person with an entrepreneurial spirit. She started in aviation just under 2 years ago with the marketing side of things. Jacki worked on Access... [read more]



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