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Getting to Know the Real Bobbie Lynn Bolig

Monday Nov 16th, 2020


Getting to Know the Real Bobbie Lynn Bolig     I thought if I was going to start this blogging thing that it would be only fair if I made a blog post about myself. This will be the one and only, in detail. (Definitely not in my comfort zone). I am one of those people that knows a ton of people but there is only a handful of people that know the true, raw, and real Bobbie Lynn. To a lot of people, I seem like an open book because I’m blunt, honest, and say... [read more]

Women That Inspire Me

Monday Dec 7th, 2020


Women That Inspire Me This blog post is dedicated to the women that have helped me through life and shown me what a great friend is all about. I think as women we need to be better at supporting one another instead of tearing other women down or being mean because of jealousy. Why is it that women often feel threatened by other women? I don’t understand this, and it shouldn’t be like this. Too often in this world, people get caught up in what this person did or said. I... [read more]

Bye 2020, Hello 2021

Thursday Jan 7th, 2021

Bye 2020, Hello 2021

Bye 2020, Hello 2021 2020 was a challenging year but it was also a year full of lessons and growing. It reminded me that we should not take life for granted and I also feel it gave us a whole new appreciation of life. One of the things 2020 taught me was that people need to learn how to not be right all the time. When did the world become so close-minded? We all have the right to feel the way we feel and it’s okay if others don’t feel the same way. I think you learn more and grow... [read more]

BLB in the Eyes of Her Friends and Family

Monday Feb 8th, 2021

BLB blog

Who is BLB in the Eyes of Her Friends and Family This blog I thought I would switch things up a bit. I’ve asked some of the most important people in my life to tell you all who Bobbie Lynn is to them. Each person in this blog has been monumental in my life and I’m so honored to call them my friends and family.        Haley Read - friend and adopted little sister  Bobbie Lynn. When I first met her, I was fresh out of high school. She owned a... [read more]


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