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Local Business Spotlight - Kre8tive Karma

Monday Feb 22nd, 2021


Local Business Spotlight - Kre8tive Karma

Kre8tive Karma was referred to me by a colleague. I needed something special for a client’s possession day and they highly recommended Kre8tive Karma. I am so glad that I listened as Kari is amazing and super passionate about what she does. We hit it off immediately as we both have the gift of gab.

Kre8tive Karma’s Story

Kari started Kre8tive Karma as a hobby 11 years ago. She was working as a REALTOR®’s assistant and one of her biggest tasks was putting together the various packages that a REALTOR® gives throughout the year. It was here that she discovered her creativity and her passion for creating unique gifts. Kari has an aviation background and in 2009 she went back to the skies. During this time Kre8tive Karma was born. Kari was creating event gifts, packages, and baskets for the company she was flying for as well as a few others. And in 2016 she turned her hobby and passion into a full-time small business.

Unique Gifts

Kari is incredibly passionate about creating a unique gift. This starts with supporting local. She loves finding cool products that aren’t in every big box store. She loves boutique-style small businesses and researches all the products that grace her shelves. Almost every item she has available comes from a Canadian company. And once you get her talking about her storeroom, she will tell you everything about every product and the companies that supply her. Kari has taken the time to get to know the business owners behind every product, she has stories about the businesses she supports and has built lasting relationships with all her suppliers.

Kre8tive Karma offers people a few different options for making a unique gift. Kari will have a conversation with you and figure out what you are looking for and make something special for you. She really understands the details and can make your vision a reality. Or you can Facetime with Kari as she walks you through her storeroom and pick the items you think would make the ideal package. She will of course help and pick items that she thinks would pair well with your choices. She then takes all the goodies and brings them all together so you can decide what items are going to make your perfect gift while keeping your budget in mind. Kari understands that not everyone is creative or wants to shop, which is why she offers as much or as little help as you want. Even if you only pick one essential item and let Kre8tive Karma do the rest, it’s those personal touches that make gift-giving with Kre8tive Karma such a great experience. Kari gets to know her client’s needs and desires. Putting together a memorable gift for any occasion.

A Few Words From Kari

Here are a few quotable moments from my phone interview with Kari.

“I love being able to support people that are also passionate”

“Thank you for helping me and many others” When you buy a gift basket from Kari you are not only supporting Kre8tive Karma but so many other local businesses.

“You are a part of someone’s life moments, creating a memory” Kre8tive Karma offers personal deliveries, and that personal touch is something that Kari cherishes. This year Kari received orders from people out of town and even overseas wanting to have gifts made for family or friends here. Part of Kari’s service is delivering the packages. And Kari being Kari she not only deliveries the packages, but she also takes pictures or video to send of the person receiving the gift and sends it to the gifter so that they can feel like they were there. She has done Facetime calls with the gifter while delivering so that they are a part of the moment. Kari has even been known to sing Happy Birthday! To me, this is taking customer service to the next level.

We were chatting about what brings us joy and when I asked Kari her response was priceless - “That 1st sip of coffee” Truth!

Giving Back

Kre8tive Karma supports local businesses with every package created. They also support the high school in Canmore, where Kari is from. Kari gets all her crates for packages from the high school. This helps support the shop program with funding, and it also helps the students get credits. Kari believes in giving back and does what she can to support local charities, including a Movember fundraiser and the Mustard Seed.

BLB Final Thoughts

I am in complete awe of Kari. She certainly has a unique zest for life. I absolutely love that about her. I’m a person that always goes all in or not at all.  I never half-ass anything and Kari is the same way. I love that she is so passionate. I feel like I hit the jackpot working with her as she puts all that she has into her work. We all know I love to support local and I absolutely love that that’s what I am doing when I get my client gifts from Kari. Her service is top-notch. She’s an all-star not only with her business but in life. I always leave Kari's feeling so good. Her energetic and positive outlook truly wears off on those around her. She’s also super badass. Which I love about her. I’m honored to know her and to be able to work with her. If you need a good gift basket, she’s your gal. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 



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