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Monday Nov 02nd, 2020


Have you ever dreamed of flying a helicopter?

I know I have, and a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking out my friend Jacki's helicopter hangar. It was mind-blowing, to say the least.


Foothills Helicopter Training Academy offers industry-led, real-world commercial pilot training and Jacki is an amazing person with an entrepreneurial spirit. She started in aviation just under 2 years ago with the marketing side of things. Jacki worked on Access Helicopters & Foothills Training Academy's websites, social media, and marketing. As she continued to work for Access and the flight school she found everything in the helicopter industry fascinating. And so her passion for all things helicopter grew. When the opportunity presented itself to take her newfound passion and manage the training facility, she jumped at the chance. 

What is unique about Foothills Helicopter Training Academy?

We provide a more private experience, with class sizes of 4 students to 1 instructor; unlike other training centers where it could be 20+ students to 1 instructor. This allows us to offer a more hands-on approach and for the same price as the other facilities.


The partnership with Access Helicopters is what really sets us apart from our competition. By training around skilled engineers and high time pilots, it helps to accelerate their career progression. They are not only getting experience but the chance to prove themselves so that when they graduate they will already have a foot in the door of their new career. The Graduate Mentoring program in alliance with Access Helicopters provides the opportunity to transition into employment at an established utility helicopter operation. At Foothills Helicopter Training Academy our goal is to deliver students real-world commercial pilot training. We want to set our students up for success because we truly believe that their success is our success.







What sets you personally apart?


I'm not scared to put in the effort to achieve my goals. People are always saying "Jacki can handle it, she can handle anything". I am actually going to be getting my pilot's license. It truly has become my passion and I want to be able to teach as well. My time management and organizational skills have helped not only in my career but also in raising my amazing kids.


BLB Final Thoughts


Jacki is a dedicated mother of 7, who is super passionate about everything she does. She inspires people to go after their dreams. Her kind, confident, and adventurous personality make her a great business owner and an amazing mom. I am lucky to know her and can't wait to see where else her passions lead her.


Foothills Helicopter Training Academy


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